Smiths Knife Sharpeners

Smiths Knife Sharpeners

Smiths knife sharpeners are a very low cost and yet very effective knife sharpener for a budget minded person. If a person is short on cahs and needs to sharpen their knives then this is the way to go.

Smiths knife sharpeners can put a sharp edge on a medium grade knife in about 10 seconds. Sometimes takes longer if the blade is really dull or rusty.

Smith's Edgeware Straight Edge Pull-Through Knife Sharpener Black 7950036

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Smiths knife sharpeners have good instructions

Instructions are included in the package and they are detailed very well. It is recommended that you read through the directions very carefully because there are some minor details that many people don’t know about and can really make a difference in your sharpening quality. Most home sharpeners require the user to draw the knife across the tool with the sharp edge of the knife blade facing down. This one has you hold the knife on a flat surface with the spine of the knife down. The tool is then drawn over the sharp edge of the blade through the “V” notch, which contains the carbide cutting heads.

Smiths knife sharpeners sharpen scissors too

The Smiths knife sharpeners will also sharpen scissors quite well. . The blades protrude through a couple of angled openings in the plastic housing, allowing the carbide cutters to address the metal at a precise angle. As an added bonus, you can rotate the tool 180 degrees to work on left-handed scissors.

Quality design and well thought out

The overall design of this sharpener is very good with much thought given to the ergonomics of the human hand. The finger grips are inlayed with a soft, easily cleaned rubber for maximum comfort when sharpening multiple knives. There is an access cover to the carbide cutters in the knife sharpening notch. Opening this allows you to flip the cutters over when they become dull. They are also replaceable when they are worn out.


Overall, Smith’s knife sharpeners are a good deal for someone on a budget. If your regularly sharpening knives though, you might want to invest in something a bit larger or better yet, an electric knife sharpener. You will save yourself a ton of time with smiths knife sharpeners and a lot of guesswork as well.

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