Lansky Knife Sharpeners

When a knife loses their factory edge the only thing you’ll be skinning is your knuckles trying to cut with a dull knife. Without lanksy knife sharpeners, it will be difficult to do anything with a knife once it gets dull. This is where Lansky comes in. It is an extremely easy to use and remarkably effective knife sharpening system.

Lanksy knife sharpeners are among the elite of knife sharpeners

It works by providing a small vise which can hold the knife blade and the sharpening stone at one of four exact angles. It offers 30,25,20,17 degree increments. 30 degrees is a very steep angle for extremely heavy use knives or axes. Likewise 17 degrees is a very shallow angle for thin bladed knives, like fillet knives and razor blades. So you get versatility with the angles as well as the choice of stones.

I opted for the five stone deluxe Lansky but the three stone system should offer plenty of versatility at a reasonable price. The five stone system has extra course, course, medium, fine, extra fine stones. The most course stone is not that useful due to its extreme texture. It would be used to possibly reshape a blade after a deep nick (ugly!). Also the fine stones tend to load up quickly (fill with dark gray particles from the blade). This is why the Lansky comes with a lightweight honing oil which keeps the particles floating off the surface of the stone so as to keep the stone cutting.

Lansky knife sharpeners work on serrated knives

The serrated edge stone works great on serrated knives. Cheaper knives have a problem when you try and sharpen them. They are generally very weak and cannot sharpen very well. Lansky knife sharpeners do a great job bringing these cheaper knives back to life with a good as new edge.


If you plan on cutting anything more than a wet piece of paper on a regular basis, then you need a good knife sharpener. Lansky knife sharpeners has tackled this with it’s line of Lansky knife sharpeners. Thy are priced well and work great for most knife edges, even cheaper knives.

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