Kitchen Knife Sharpeners

Kitchen knife sharpeners are so simple and yet save you a lot of time and worry that your knife is sharpened right. It also eliminates you from having to ship your knife out or going to your local knife sharpener.

Which model is right for you?

There are so many different model available for your kitchen that it comes down to your particular tastes. If you sharpen a lot of knives then you would be better off with kitchen knife sharpeners as they are made heavier. They also have a longer duty cycle. A duty cycle is how many knife sharpening they can do in their lifetime.

With a kitchen knife sharpeners, it is usually triple that of a regular household one. Also , with a professional knife sharpener you get blade stropping which is straightening the blade so it holds the edge better and longer so you can sharpen less often.

Serrated edges need a special sharpener

When you shop for a knife sharpener, also make sure it sharpens serrated edges. These are like steak knives. Not every type of kitchen knife sharpeners can do this and if you run a serrated blade through one that cannot, then you will ruin the blade almost instantly.

Kitchen knife sharpener that will sharpen every type of knife

Many kitchen knife sharpeners can sharpen all kinds of blades including straight, serrated, asian style, sports, and hunting. Many times after you sharpen your knife in a kitchen knife sharpener you will notice it has a sharper than new edge. This is due to better sharpening for one but also the kitchen knife sharpener adds a second, micro edge angle which makes the knife sharper. They also polish the blade which makes it look better but also razor sharp as well.


Make sure when shopping for a kitchen knife sharpener that it comes with a warranty of at least three years, has a fully detailed instruction guide, and life cycle is more than 100. Kitchen knife sharpeners will ensure that you can use your knife for several years before replacement.

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