Gatco Knife Sharpeners

Diamonds are the best thing to sharpen a knife because they are stronger than steel. Gatco knife sharpeners are high quality, laminated sharpeners. Gatco utilizes a patented clamp which is an angle guide. They are the strongest in the industry. The kits provide you with 200 grit fine, 400 grit medium, and 600 grit coarse hones full of diamond honing oil. Gatco knife sharpeners are also made in the U.S.A.

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The instructions are inside

Gatco knife sharpeners put the right kind of edge on a knife every time. The instructions are clearn and easy to read and follow. The instructions are permanently attached inside the case so you can easily find them. Gatco knife sharpeners kits are made to last several years and through hundreds of sharpenings.

Manual knife sharpening wasn’t for everyone, until now

Gatco made their system to work for just about anyone. Many people have a certain talent to sharpen knives to a razor edge. Many people don’t and Gatco took notice. With these knife sharpeners, even the beginner can get an almost perfectly sharp blade with little practice and certainly a perfect blade with a bit of experience.

Best for hunting, fishing, and outdoors

Gatco knife sharpeners can be used just about anywhere but most popular for hunters. They come in a case so they are easy to carry and not lose anything. Hunters can easily sharpen their blade in about 5 minutes and the kit can be used by everyone because it is user-friendly. Gatco knife sharpeners work well in the kitchen too but usually, people opt for an electric knife sharpener versus a manual one.

With the set angles for the blade, there is no guesswork so the blade has a perfect angle while sharpening and thus a nice, sharp knife.


Gatco knife sharpeners are great to have if you go camping, fishing, hunting, or any other outdoor event. They are simple yet effective. At home, people might want to get something a little less labor intensive like an electric knife sharpener. You can find more information on types of sharpeners other then gatco knife sharpeners on our site.

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